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Have you watched the movie called ‘Moving’? Yes, its name sounds weird, but it is what it is. ‘Moving’ is an American comedy movie released in 1988, starring Richard Pryor as Arlo Pear and Beverly Todd as Monica Pear. The film’s plot is pretty simple: where Arlo finds his new job will be in Boise, Idaho. Due to this, Arlo decides to move from New Jersey to Idaho with his family. To make this relocation successful, Arlo hires a trusted moving company. This moving company sends professionals like Edwards, Perry, and Brad Williams to help Arlo. The second half of the movie explores the challenges the Pear family faces in Idaho and how the moving company professionals, particularly Brad and Edwards, help Arlo navigate these difficulties. The film correctly shows any trusted moving company’s significance in making relocation hassle-free.

Enough of the movie review;

You must be wondering why we started this blog post with such a weird introduction. The reason behind this is to show you the importance and role of moving companies in today’s world.

Greetings to the wonderful people of Montreal! Montreal is a vibrant and diverse city where individuals of various ethnicities coexist harmoniously. Every day, some people bid farewell to their homes and start a new life at a different location, while others make the exciting move to join the lively community here. Whatever the relocation type is, we all can agree that this process isn’t easy. You may need expert knowledge and resources to make a successful shift on your own. Instead of struggling alone to relocate, consider G&P Move for seamless shifting. G&P Move is the leading moving company in Montreal.

G&P Move: A Trusted Partner in Successful Relocation

Many years ago, two young individuals, Matt Goodfellow and Anthony Palombo, aimed to create a moving company, ensuring seamless relocation for the people in Montreal. The dream was so big, but their hard work and dedication resisted all problems, and they founded the company G&P Move (named after the first letters of their second name, Goodfellow & Palombo). Currently, G&P Move is the top moving company in Montreal, with over 15 years of experience. Whether residential, commercial, or long-distance moving, our professionals are dedicated to serving you in any condition. The reliability of our services can’t be questioned since we’ve got a five-star rating on Google. G&P Move is nothing without its founding fathers; both Goodfellow & Palombo have divided their responsibilities to ensure the smooth working of the firm.

In short, Goodfellow and Palombo are two wheels of the Cycle, and professional movers are the remaining essential parts. All of them together ensure the effortless functioning of Cycle (G&P Move).

Explore G&P Move’s Comprehensive Suite of Moving Services

Being a #1 moving company in Montreal, we provide a wide range of services to make your relocation hassle-free and stress-free. Our moving services in Montreal includes:

Residential Moving Services

If you’re moving in or out of your home in Montreal, choose our residential moving services. From loading your belongings to unloading them, our professionals offer you a hassle-free relocation experience.

Commercial Moving Services

Commercial relocation is very different from residential one, requiring superior skills and experience. That’s why our movers in Montreal use state-of-the-art equipment to properly pack, label, and wrap your commercial property goods.

Loading Services

Many professional truck drivers in Montreal prefer to relocate their family or friends on their own. If you have a truck but lack the proper skill for loading the goods, G&P Move (a top moving company in Montreal) can help you there. We’ll provide professionals to load your stuff carefully.

Packing Services

Packing your whole stuff, belongings, and goods can take 1-2 days. Instead of doing this on your own, choose our experienced packers. They’ll pack your stuff carefully before a deadline.


• Residential & Commercial Moving Services also includes packing, loading, and unloading your stuff.
• We provide full cargo insurance for all types of moving services. If some mis-happening happens, you shouldn’t suffer financially.
• Our moving trucks are 20 feet long with advanced functions, a clean interior, and fully equipped with tools, tape, and blankets.
• As a top moving company in Montreal, we provide services to greater Montreal and many surrounding areas, such as Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Baie d’Urfe, Senneville, West Island, and Lachine.

Ease Your Montreal Relocation with G&P Move!

Montreal is a beautiful city with a diverse culture and dynamic lifestyle. All above that, it has an intricate layout and varied landscapes. That’s why people in Montreal need professional moving companies for relocation within the territory. So, choose G&P Move, a top moving company in Montreal, as your trusted partner in making relocation stress-free. Whether it’s residential or commercial moving, we’ve got you covered.

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