Professional Movers

G&P Move FAQ Guide: Solutions for Your Moving Questions

Are you insured:

Yes! We are insured with Northbridge insurance and are equipped with $250,000 of cargo insurance.

What size are your trucks:

Our trucks are all 21 feet long and 7.5 feet tall

Will you protect our furniture?

Yes, all furniture is professionally wrapped in thick moving blankets and strategically placed into the truck for proper transportation.

Do you provide mattress bags?

Yes, all of our trucks are equipped with mattress bags and stretch to protect mattresses as well as any furniture or items that have fabric on them if need be.

Are Televisions safe to be transported in moving trucks?

Absolutely! Televisions get wrapped in moving blankets and or Television boxes and are braced screen facing the wall with transportation straps which ensures zero movement during transit.

Can G&P Move dismantle and reassemble beds and other household items if need be and what are the costs?

Yes! We have dismantled and reassembled everything you can think of in preparation for moving day thousands of times, there is no additional fee for dismantling and reassembling, it falls under the hourly rate. When we say no hidden fees. we really mean it.

Can you disconnect our washer, dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher?

All these appliances can be disconnected besides the dishwasher by G&P Move staff, not a problem. The fridge can even be dismantled, if need be, to pass through some doors! Appliances will be carefully wrapped and placed into moving truck.

Can you transport our BBQ?

Yes, not a problem. We are not allowed to transport the propane tank however. Our team will not put open bags of dirt, paint or any other material that may cause collateral damage to our trucks or our customers belongings.

Can you provide boxes and do you offer packing service?

Yes, we provide a packing service and yes, we provide everything needed to get you all packed up and ready to go on moving day. A well prepared and organized home is the foundation for a stress free and efficient move, hands down.

Do you rent trucks to the public?

No, we do not rent trucks by themselves to the public.

Can we, the customer help G&P Move staff load or unload the truck to accelerate the moving process?

We ask all customers to stay outside of the moving truck and out of the mover’s way if possible! There is a system that our staff abides by when working and only staff is allowed inside the trucks. Our movers may hand off light and or small items to you outside the truck if you would like to help! If not, sit back and relax!

Do you charge extra to move appliances?

No, there is no extra fee for moving appliances! It falls under the rate per hour.

Do you move pianos and is there additional fees?

Yes, we move pianos and depending on the weight, model and complexity of its pick up and drop off location will an extra fee be required as pianos are regarded as specialty pieces of extreme weight!

Can I leave my clothes inside my dresser?

Light items and some clothing can be left inside the dresser, provided that the dresser itself is sturdy enough to be lifted and manipulated around the home with the added weight inside of it. Some Ikea dressers that use locking pins and small nails with cardboard as the back may not hold up as it is lifted and carried around with added weight inside.

Can I or should I tip the movers?

Tips are of course not mandatory at all but are always appreciated by our staff. Our staff will accept tip if it is given but it is at our customers discretion.

What happens if it rains, snows or the weather is bad?

Unfortunately trying to time the weather can be very tricky! Unless the customer requests to change date and we are capable of moving said date, then we will try to facilitate the customers wishes. If we are not able to change the date agreed upon then you can rest assured, we will always arrive on time through whatever normal precipitation we may encounter, our staff will take the necessary precautions to protect floors, carpets etc. and ensure the move is still safe and efficient.

How and when should I pay for service rendered?

Payment can be made by transfer, cash or cheque upon completion of the job before the movers leave your location.

Can you come do an in person estimate?

Yes, in persons estimates ca be arranged. We have also implemented skype, zoom or facetime as viable options for estimates as well. Whatever you are comfortable with!

Can you move my house plants?

Yes, we can move your plants for you. We always see if it’s possible for the plants to fit into your personal cars as they can be very fragile but, if need be, yes, we can move them and will do our best to keep them safe and sound during transport!