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Moving to Montreal? Don’t Forget About Packing Services!

The thought of moving to your dream home could be exciting but the process of before, can quickly turn the excitement into a stressful moment. Between juggling work, family and endless to-do list, you can easily see why many people consider hiring packing services in Montreal.

Because a professional moving and packing company like G&P Move can take the weight off your shoulder (literally!). So, instead of spending hours packing your fragile belongings and worrying about the damage, you can focus on just the exciting aspects of your new chapter. The packing service will save you enough time and money allowing you to move with peace of mind knowing your belongings are in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

That is where G&P Move comes in. We are a Montreal-based moving and packing company with over 15 years of experience. Our committed staff will provide top priority to dependability, cost, and first-rate care for your possessions. We provide a superior touch, unlike larger firms, guaranteeing a seamless transfer from beginning to end. Let’s examine the reasons why G&P relocation can be the best option for your next relocation in Montreal.

Why professional packing services in Montreal are important?

The decision to hire professional packers in Montreal can be a game changer for your move. While the initial thought of tackling packing yourself might seem appealing there are several significant advantages to trusting experienced professionals. Here at G&P Move, we understand the pitfalls of DIY packing, and that is why we ensure that your belonging reaches at your door steps safely and securely.

1. The Risk of DIY Packing

Damage to Belongings: Proper packing involves using the right tools and methods to protect your possessions, especially delicate ones. Furniture damage, broken dishes, and misplaced valuables can result from improper packing. The best packers and movers, such as G&P Move, reduce the possibility of damage by using tried-and-true methods and premium packing supplies.

Injury: Moving large furniture and lifting bulky boxes can be physically taxing. By using expert packing services in Montreal, you may reduce the risk of harm and concentrate on other important moving-related tasks.

Postponements: It can take a lot of time to pack. You can free up crucial time to take care of other moving-related obligations or just unwind during this stressful time by hiring specialists to handle this chore.

2. Expert Packaging Guarantees Security

The best packers and movers at G&P Move are educated to use the appropriate tools and methods for each kind of item. We make use of premium packing boxes, cushioning, tape, and labels to guarantee that your possessions are safely fastened throughout transportation.

We also have experience packing valuables, furniture, and breakables. We adopt a customized strategy, collaborating together with you to comprehend your unique requirements and guarantee that each item is packaged with the highest care. Whether you need to pack specifically for storage facilities or are dealing with a long-distance move, G&P Move has the knowledge and expertise to manage it all.

Montreal Packing Services Offered by G&P Move

We at G&P Move are aware that packing can be a difficult undertaking. To ensure a stress-free and effective transfer, we provide a trustworthy general packing service.

Skilled Packers: Our crew of knowledgeable packers and movers is committed to protecting your possessions. They’ll pack your household belongings quickly and effectively after showing up with all the supplies needed.

Tailored Support: We are aware that each motion is distinct. We will work closely with you to discuss your individual wants and preferences, even if we don’t offer room-by-room packing or specialize in sensitive things. G&P Move is available to help you pack your complete house or just a few particular rooms.

Superior Packing Supplies: To guarantee that your possessions are safe throughout transit, we use premium packing supplies including boxes, padding, tape, and labels. Our 20-foot moving truck is properly outfitted to manage your relocation effectively. It is also spotless and well-maintained.

Tips for Packing and Moving in Montreal with G&P Move

It doesn’t have to be a stressful process to pack! We at G&P Move are aware of the difficulties involved in relocating to a new Montreal residence. For this reason, whether you decide to use our packing services in Montreal or handle the packing yourself, we’ve put together some insightful packing advice to keep you efficient and organized.

1. Generally Speaking, Packing Advice:

  • Declutter: Before you pack, declutter your possessions. Moving is a great time to do this. Go through your belongings and discard whatever you don’t use or need. This will reduce the quantity of goods you need to unpack at your new location and save you time and money during the move.
  • Sort and Label Boxes Clearly: As you pack, sort your things into rooms and clearly mark the boxes with the contents and the room they belong in. This can greatly simplify the unpacking process and spare you time later on when looking for specific things. To further improve organization, think about assigning separate rooms distinct colors.
  • Use Your Space Wisely: To prevent boxes from collapsing during transit, fill them to the brim. To fill voids and stop objects from moving, use packing peanuts, towels, or other soft materials.

2. How to Pack Fragile Things:

Extra care is essential for those goods that are fragile and valuable. Here are some pointers:

  • Packing paper or bubble wrap should be used to individually wrap fragile items.
  • Use robust boxes made especially for delicate objects.
  • Stuff boxes with heavy goods at the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Clearly label boxes that hold delicate objects as “Fragile” to encourage handling with caution.

3. How to Pack Electronic Devices and Vital Records:

If at all possible, package devices in their original packing. Use a lot of cushioning materials if not.

Important papers such as birth certificates, passports, and bank records should be kept in a safe place that you can readily access when moving. Think about bringing these documents with you when you move.


Although moving can be a frenzy of activity, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant if you prepare ahead of time and have the correct support. You can guarantee a more seamless and effective relocation by adhering to the packing advice given and taking into account the advantages of hiring a moving and packing company like G&P relocation for expert packing services in Montreal.

Are you prepared to experience the G&P Move difference and streamline your move? For a free consultation and a customized price for our packing services in Montreal, get in touch with us right now. Together, we can explore your individual requirements and make sure that moving to your new Montreal residence is easy and stress-free!


Do I have to supply the packing supplies?

No. As part of our services, G&P Move provides premium packing supplies such boxes, padding, tape, and labels.

How much time does packing my stuff take?

The size of your move and the quantity of items you have will determine how long packing takes. Still, the skilled staff at G&P Move works fast and effectively to minimise any inconvenience throughout the packing process.

Can you load the remaining stuff while I pack some of them myself?

Of course! G&P Move is aware that certain objects may be sentimental or call for particular care. Decide which items you would like to pack yourself and leave the rest to the G&P Move crew during your consultation.

When is the best time to schedule packing services?

It is best to schedule G&P Move’s packing services a few weeks or more in advance of your move date for best results. Nonetheless, they might be able to fulfil last-minute requests during off-peak times. Get in touch with them right away to talk about your availability and unique requirements.

Which goods will you not pack?

The majority of moving firms, like G&P Move, usually have limitations on what they are not allowed to pack because of liability issues or safety rules. These could contain dangerous substances, combustible liquids, perishable food, or specific plants. It is essential to inquire directly about any banned products you may possess with G&P Move.

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