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Moving with Kids: 4 Common Problems (With Solutions) to Know!

Are you moving with kids soon? Well, get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! But let’s be real: it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Moving with little ones can present a unique set of challenges that can make even the most seasoned parent break into a cold sweat. Just ask the Griswold family from “National Lampoon’s Vacation”- their cross-country trip was anything but smooth sailing! From tantrums to tears, planning a move with kids can feel like trying to herd cats. It’s crucial to understand that kids may also face emotional challenges when confronted with the prospect of moving.

Imagine uprooting their entire world- their familiar surroundings, friends, and routines- and transplanting them into unfamiliar territory. It’s no wonder that many kids experience a whirlwind of emotions during this time.

So, what should I do? (As a parent, this question must be putting a lot of stress on your mind)

But fear not! G&P Move has got your back. As a leading moving company in Montreal, G&P Move is your ultimate guide. In this detailed blog post, our professional movers have compiled solutions to four common problems you may encounter while moving with kids.

1. Resistance to Change

When moving with kids, resistance to change is a common challenge. They may feel apprehensive about leaving behind their familiar environment, friends, and school. At this age, it is common for kids to establish a deep attachment with their surroundings. So, consider understanding their feelings to make a smooth and HAPPY transition with your family.

How to Overcome It?

I. Open Communication

Be honest and transparent with your kids. Don’t wait for the right time to update them about moving. Tell them at the first instance when you are assured. Moreover, sit down with your children and ask them to express their feelings and concerns.

Involving Kids in the Planning Process

In the words of Anthony Palombo (one of the co-founders of G&P Move)

“The best way to make your kids feel empowered and invested in the move is by involving them in the planning process.”

Consider involving them in decisions about the new home, such as choosing paint colors for their room. Also, discuss the logistics of the move together, explaining the timeline, mode of the vehicle, and what to expect during each stage.

II. Exploring New Areas Before Official Moving

Whenever you and your children sit together on the couch or any place, consider highlighting the positives of the new locations. Make them feel excited by emphasizing long talks on nearby parks, playgrounds, or fun attractions in your area. Moreover, visiting the new area beforehand could be a much better option.

2. Separation Anxiety

It is another common emotional response that children may experience when faced with the prospect of moving to a new location. One of the primary triggers for separation anxiety before a move is the uncertainty of the future. They may feel worried about leaving behind the comfort of their current home and relationship with friends. Ultimately, this can evoke a profound sense of loss and sadness. They may also worry whether they will be able to make new friends in the new location.

How to Overcome It?

I. Show Your Love and Support Towards Them

It is common for kids to experience separation anxiety in a situation like this. So, encourage open dialogue with your child about their feelings and concerns regarding the move. Listen attentively to their worries and validate their emotions. Most importantly, answer all of their questions with honesty. Whatever doubt they have, clear it. If your children are worried about making new friends at a new location, consider motivating them.

II. Fill the Dose of Excitement in Them

George, one of our skilled movers, has put forward this interesting advice,

“Excitement can be a powerful catalyst for engagement, enthusiasm, and perseverance, which are essential for overcomingany challenge. If your kids feel genuinely excited about moving, they are more likely to approach it with enthusiasm and energy. This positive mindset can make your move with kids a happy and successful one.”

So, fill your children with excitement about the new location, school, or their favorite entertainment places.

But now, the question is, how you’ll do this?

Well, it’s not that difficult. Before moving with kids:

a) Plan a small trip to your new location.
b) Explore the area with your kids and give them the best dose of entertainment & comfort.
c) If possible, visit the new school for your little ones.
d) Familiarize your child with new surroundings, such as the neighborhood or playground.
e) Most importantly, encourage them to ask questions and express their curiosity.

III. Throw a Final Goodbye Party

After familiarizing your children with the new house and location, half their sadness will surely go away. Before moving with kids officially, throwing a goodbye party is the ideal way to end your journey at the current house and start a new one. Your children will get a chance to hug all their friends and loved ones for the last time unless you relocate to this place again.

3. Logistical Challenges

Putting the emotional challenges of your kids aside, let’s focus on some other significant problems. When moving with kids, you may encounter a series of logistical challenges. One of the common logistical challenges you may face is related to packing. When kids are also moving with you, packing up the belongings of an entire household can be overwhelming. Sorting through clothes, toys, and personal items requires careful planning and organization. On top of that, balancing every moving task (decluttering, packing, transportation) requires dedicated time.

How to Overcome It?

I. Development of a Comprehensive Packing Plan

Matt Goodfellow, one of the co-founders and in charge of customer logistics at G&P Move, argues,

“Developing a comprehensive packing plan that outlines what needs to be packed, when it needs to be packed, and who will be responsible for packing each item is the best way to avoid any challenges.”

Also, assign specific tasks to children based on their age and ability, such as sorting toys or packing clothes. This way, parents can also involve their kids in the moving process.

II. Hiring Professional Packers

To avoid any logistical challenges, consider choosing reliable house moving services that also provide professional packers. Experienced and professional packers have the training and experience to efficiently and securely pack your belongings. They know the best techniques and materials to use for different items, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Moreover, they can also save you time.

4. Financial Strain

When moving with kids, financial strain can be a significant challenge. The expenses associated with relocating, such as hiring movers, mode of transportation, and packing supplies, can add up quickly. Especially when you’re moving with children, these costs may increase due to the need for larger accommodations. Besides this, education costs also act as a significant strain. If you have enough dollars in your bank account, there’s no need to worry. However, you may face financial issues if you’re from a middle-class family. Since you’ll be moving with kids, you can expect unforeseen expenses to arise. This may include repairs, medical emergencies, or temporary accommodation expenses.

How to Overcome it?

I. Budgeting and Planning

Before moving, consider developing a detailed budget that accounts for all anticipated expenses associated with the move. This may include moving, housing, childcare, and education costs.

Matt Goodfellow argues,

“After identifying & making the budget list, identify areas where costs can be minimized or eliminated. This may help to avoid unnecessary expenses.”

Also, keep track of all expenses, including small purchases, to avoid overspending.

Move with Your Kids, Happily and Successfully!

Navigating a move with kids can present a lot of challenges, from emotional adjustments to logistical hurdles. However, if you’re armed with awareness of common problems and proactive solutions, families can transform potential stressors into opportunities for growth and bonding. So, all our readers-

There’s no need to worry! Overcome all the obstacles by considering our expert advice, and make a smoother relocation while moving with kids.

Thanks for giving your precious time! If you also want to know a little about G&P Move, consider reading ahead.

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