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Moving from Montreal to Toronto

2024 Montreal to Toronto Relocation: A Professional Guide!

Are you thinking of moving from the charming streets of Montreal to the dynamic cityscape of Toronto in 2024? Yes! Well, good luck. It’ll be an exciting journey of relocating from the city of festivals to the metropolis that never sleeps. This relocation may bring a wide range of career opportunities and lifestyle changes, but you may also agree that moving from Montreal to Toronto is daunting. Relocating from Montreal to Toronto invites contemplation on the logistics intricacies that can complicate the process. As the linguistic & cultural landscape shifts, how does one navigate the complexities of settling into a diverse and expansive city?

Fear not, Montrealers. We have a blog post which will discuss the difficulties and challenges inherent in moving from Montreal to Toronto. Moreover, we’ll also give you an overview of the cost of relocating to Toronto from Montreal. Besides this, our guide also discusses the essential things to do after moving to a new space in Toronto. By addressing these queries, G&P Move aims to equip you with the insights and knowledge necessary to turn the potential relocation obstacles into stepping stones toward a thriving life in Toronto. Before that, let’s compare the cost of living of both cities so that you can prepare a budget in your mind after you relocate to Toronto.

Comparing the Cost of Living of Montreal & Toronto (2024 Updated)

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, while Toronto stands at the top by being the largest Canadian city. Thus, it is pretty evident that the cost of living in both cities is high. Since you’re making a relocation, let’s compare the cost of living of both cities, so that you reconsider your decision of making a move.

According to the latest 2024 data,

The Cost of Living in Toronto is 28% More Expensive than in Montreal

Yes, you heard it right.

Here is a full-price comparison.

Food: 8% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto
Housing: 34% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto
Clothes: 6% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto
Transportation: 28% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto
Personal Care: 23% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto
Entertainment: 4% Cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto

Therefore, the cost of living in Toronto is more expensive than in Montreal. Still, Toronto has better job opportunities. If you can afford a budget, Toronto may change your life.

Primary Challenges & Their Solutions While Moving from Montreal to Toronto

Relocating from Montreal to Toronto, like any relocation, comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some primary challenges you may face:

1. Distance & Transportation:

Challenge: The physical distance between Montreal & Toronto is considerable, 541.6 km. Managing the logistics of transporting your belongings and executing everything over such a distance can be a difficult task.

Solution: Hire a reputable moving company or rent a reliable transportation option.

2. Cost of Living:

Challenge: Toronto has a 22% higher cost of living compared to Montreal. This includes everything: housing, everyday expenses and utilities.

Solution: After relocating to Toronto, adjust your budget to align with your financial capability.

3. Cultural Differences:

Challenge: Culturally, Montreal and Toronto have distinct vibes. Montreal is known for its serene environment and diverse and vibrant culture, whereas Toronto has very Hi-Tech, modern vibes.

Solution: Make friends and embrace the new culture by attending events and engaging in social activities.

4. Traffic & Commute:

Challenge: As a Canadian, you might be aware of how bad Toronto’s traffic gets in its peak hours.

Solution: Consider public transportation options to avoid traffic and, if possible, use a cycle.

Key Essential Things to Do After Relocating to Toronto

After relocating to Toronto, it’s essential to take several steps to ensure a smooth transition and settle into your new environment. Here are the key things to do:

Edit Your Address:

Change your address with the post office or other organizations that often mail you on bank accounts, subscription plans and credit cards.

Register Your Vehicle:

Register your car in Toronto and get a new driver’s license. Consider an appointment with the local Department of Motor Vehicles to know the whole process.

Setting Up Utilities:

Take help from hired Montreal movers to set up the utilities in your new home. The utilities include electricity, water, internet services & gas.

Explore Toronto:

It’ll take 2-3 days to resettle your dream home and set up utilities; after that, you only need to explore this great city (Toronto).

Taking these steps will help you acclimate to Toronto and make the most of your new life in the city.

An Important Suggestion Before Moving from Montreal to Toronto

After reading this blog post, you may be aware of how hard it is to make a smooth relocation from Montreal to Toronto. Hire a reliable moving company that will help you to relocate from Montreal to Toronto. A reliable moving company will act as your ultimate moving partner.

How Much will it Cost to Move from Montreal to Toronto?

Since the average cost of relocation from Montreal to Toronto largely depends on several factors, it is difficult to tell you the exact cost of moving. Give us a call to find out a FREE estimate!

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