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Moving from Montreal to Ottawa in 1 Day: A Fast & Easy Guide!

Montreal vs Ottawa: Cost of Living

The Cost of Living in Montreal is About the Same as in Ottawa   

*Stats from 2021 analysis.

Full Comparison: 
Food: 8% Cheaper in Montreal than in Ottawa
Housing: 8% Cheaper in Montreal than in Ottawa
Clothes: The Average Price of Clothes (C$75) in Ottawa is the same as in Montreal ($76)
Transportation: 18% Cheaper in Montreal than in Ottawa
Personal Care: 22% Cheaper in Ottawa than in Montreal
Entertainment: 1% Cheaper in Ottawa than Montreal or About the Same in Both Cities (C$61 & C$62 on average)

Though Montreal has been cheaper than Ottawa for many years, after COVID-19, the cost of living in both cities has become equal. In Montreal, food and property prices have witnessed a huge surge. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Cooperation, property taxes in Montreal may see a massive jump by an average of 4.8%. Moreover, the average rent for 2-bedroom apartments in the city may increase by $1,200 in the next few months.

Key Tasks to Fulfill Before Moving from Montreal to Ottawa

1. Finding a Place to Live in Ottawa

Before planning a relocation from Montreal:
I. Find a place to live in Ottawa.
II. Whether renting or buying, start your search well in advance.
III. Contact any reliable realtor in Ottawa to find a dream house or apartment.

2. Utilities

Set up utilities (electricity, water, gas) for your new home in Ottawa. Whenever you think of moving, inform your current utility providers in Montreal about your move and arrange for disconnection.

3. Update Your Address

Change your address with Canada Post to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address. Moreover, notify all important institutions such as banks, insurance providers and government agencies.

4. Vehicle & Driver’s License

If you have a vehicle, update your address in your driver’s license and insurance information. To do so, click here:

5. Finding a Job

If you already have a reputable job in Ottawa in your hands, that’s good. However, if you’re moving from Montreal to Ottawa in search of new motives in life, consider applying for a job before leaving your city.

6. Packing & Moving

This is the most stressful task of the moving process. So, starting decluttering and packing well in advance would be better. Hire a reputable moving company to avoid all complications or plan for a DIY move, including renting a truck.

Hiring a Reliable Moving Company or Plan for a DIY Move: An Important Logistics Concern

If you’re moving from Montreal to Ottawa, you might feel confused about choosing a moving company or planning a DIY move.

Hiring a Moving Company

Well, there’s no issue with planning a DIY move, but you may get stuck in many complications on your journey, especially if it’s your first DIY move. Instead of making a move with a lot of stress and worries, hiring a trusted Montreal-Ottawa moving company is better. We can provide you with an exciting and swift-moving experience.

Key Considerations While Choosing a Reliable Moving Company

• Determine the Years of Experience a Company Has.
• Check the Customer Reviews and Ratings.
• Verify the Existence of Highly Skilled & Professional Staff Members in the Team.
• Ensure the Moving Company is Licensed & Insured.
• Discuss the Expected Timelines for Packing, Loading, Transportation, Delivery & Unloading.

A DIY Move

There’s nothing wrong with planning a DIY move for moving from Montreal to Ottawa. However, you may need a broad range of skills to do so. Moreover, you should be proficient in time management and other essential things. Planning a DIY move is a great idea if you can do this. It would save you a lot of money and time.

A Suggested Itinerary to Help You in Moving from Montreal to Ottawa in 1 DAY

Morning: 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM

I. Final packing checks.
II. Disassembling of large furniture that needs to be transported.
III. Loading the moving truck with the help of the hired moving company.

Late Morning/Early Afternoon: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Conduct a final walkthrough of your current Montreal residence and immediately begin driving to Ottawa.

Afternoon: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

It’ll take you hardly 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Ottawa and arrive at your new residence. As soon as you reach, start unloading the moving truck. Reassemble the furniture and unpack essentials such as bedding, toiletries and kitchen essentials with the help of hired moving company professionals.

Evening: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

I. After setting up your utilities in your new Ottawa residence:
II. Treat yourself to a celebratory meal.
III. Consider asking professional roofers as they helped you in moving from Montreal to Ottawa efficiently.
IV. Spend the remainder of the evening settling & relaxing into your new home.

Total Cost of Moving from Montreal to Ottawa

The average total cost of moving from Montreal to Ottawa depends upon numerous factors such as organized planning, mode of transportation, cost of your house moving service & more. To know the exact total cost, give us a call to find out a FREE estimate! With years of experience, G&P Move is a top moving company in Montreal. Let G&P Move to be your trusted moving companion in this journey. Connect with us now!

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